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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Teach Me - Nouns and Verbs!

Ahh is it Sunday?  It is!!  Football Sunday.  Which means it's almost FALL, my favorite season ever.  I love to go apple picking, be lazy and love the cute clothes I have for the fall.  Fall is probably the only season that I love to bake... anything!  I'm obsessed with anything pumpkin and fall is the perfect time to have all that. =)

Now that school has started,  I have been busy creating things that I know my little ones will love and understand.  I have been working on some kid friendly packs and am excited to share this one with all of you. =)

I created this combo pack in hopes that my sweeties have more fun learning and understanding the concept, rather than completing worksheets in a workbook that's not really fun to do.

Usually my students struggle a bit at the beginning with the nouns.  With these kid friendly printables, I hope to make the learning on nouns a tad bit easier for them.  Here's some behind the scenes look at what's inside the pack

I love the idea of the kids doing some work and then trying it on their own, so this pack has a bit of that.  This would be great for homework or morning work to start the day.

Have I mentioned that I love printables that work on more than just one skill.  Here the kids are finding the nouns and coming up with their own sentence to describe the noun.  I know my kids will love this. 

I would totally use this worksheet as a test.  This way the students are giving me direct examples on each specific noun and letting me know they understand the skill.  

Here the kids are identifying the picture as a noun or verb.  They even get a little help for spelling from the word bank.  This would avoid all the hand raises, "How do you spell that?".  I think this printable will definitely be a hit.  I'm thinking for morning work. =)

This is just a fun handout.  Just another great way to introduce/review the skills of nouns & verbs.  Worksheets like this make learning fun and not boring.  

For one of my packs a few months ago, I came up with making connections with stories like the one above.  My students loved it so much that I like to incorporate some pages with each new pack I make. I think it's important for students to multi task and this is the perfect example of it.  Just when they think they are done, there's more for them to do.  I also like to use the name Ron in my stories.  It's my hubby's name and it makes me giggle 
when I read it. 

To see more on this combo pack, click here

What I did for this pack was include individual noun printables, individual verb printables and then finally a combo of both together.  Does that make sense?  
I hope so. =)

Sometimes I'll have my students do work on something like present tense verbs and the worksheet they are working on will have present and past tense.  And I'm like, "ughhh hey, we didn't go over past tense yet!!!"  So I can't do the worksheet with them.  So I tried to be aware of not doing that 
in this pack either.

This combo pack includes:

This pack includes:
*posters/lists of examples for classroom
*You Name It (fill in with verbs/nouns)
*ABC Order
*Read, Write and Highlight
*Roll & Write
*What's Your Favorite?
* What's Your Favorite? (find and identify)
*Apple Treats (find and identify)
*Which is It?
*Word Search
*Find & Color
*What's in the Picture?
* Read & Draw

This set pairs well with my 

Stay tuned!  In a few days, I will finally be posting pics of my classroom!  Ahhh!  Being fashionably late never goes out of style! 

Happy Sunday!

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