Thursday, September 6, 2018

Early Finishers Literacy Pack

Happy Thursday all.  If you are like me then you started school today with the kids.  It was so hot!  I felt so bad for the little ones because we could carely get through the day without drinking water every 15-20 minutes.  But year 11 is in the books!  I can't believe I have been teaching 11 years.  That flew by. I feel like every year I get better and more organized as a teacher which not only helps me but helps my class as well.  

I have created a new set that is super quick and are fun printables to get those early finishers still working while the class is still on task.  These printables are perfect for the beginning of the year for your little ones to see where your students are at and what they are capable of doing.  It can also be used for buddy work, center time and homework if your feeling risky.  

here are some snippets of what you will see inside...

I like these printables is much because it follows a theme and gets the kids excited about the season or holiday.  These two printables above go with back to school and also the Fall/Halloween theme.  It's a cute idea to get the early finisher working and thinking of fun ideas.

These ditto's have to do with reading, reading comprehension sounding out and cutting/pasting.  I think these are perfect for center work so the students can work together and share their thoughts and ideas.  It also incorporates coloring which is always a hit in my classroom. Some of these printables can be used over and over again as they are generic and can be applied to different stories read in the classroom.

BONUS!  I have included a few sheets implementing some math strategies.  There's always those few students that love Math and working on practice skills.  Keep these ditto's in handy specifically for those students and for those you want to challenge.

This pack includes
*alphabet fun
*all about me
*following directions
*reading and coloring
*making statement, question and exclamation sentences
*cutting/pasting/sorting with living&non living things, nouns/verbs/adjectives, color words and holidays
*identifying beginning,middle and end sounds
*lower case and upper case identification
*adjective fill ins
*writing a letter
*writing and drawing with retelling a story [beginning,middle and end]
*author's purpose
*somebody wanted but so then
*story elements
*parts of the story
*relating to a story
*opinion statements
*comparing and contrasting
*coloring by code
*short vowels [cut and paste
*main ideas
*making predictions
*character web

Bonus Math printables include
*sorting with numbers & number words [1-5}
*color using color codes
*true false with addition sentences
*odds and even

Go ahead and grab this pack by clicking here. It will have you set for the upcoming season and holidays. Your little ones will enjoy working on these strategies and topics working independently or with a buddy!

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