Monday, August 18, 2014

Colors & Number Mats & Another BTS Sale!

So recently I've been posting about my First Grade Dolch Sight Word Mats and my Sassy Sight Word Pre Primer Word Mats.  I have had some sweet bloggers ask if I can put together a bundle with just colors and numbers.  I finally finished, perfect for the bonus sale… (more on that in a minute)  Here it is!

After we pass the number 10, I decided to switch it up a bit and have them write down the number.  They can write it in pencil, crayon or markers.  Make it fun!

And here are the color mats!

Notice I posted purple?  My favorite color!

I love this pack and can't wait to use it with my little ones as soon as we start school in a few weeks!  

What do you think?  

This bundle includes

*mats for numbers 1-20
*10 color mats

You can use this for so many things;  centers, homework, buddy work, early finishers.  Make it fun.  It's a great way to introduce or reinforce the colors and numbers to your sweet kids.  

In honor of today being my 1 month anniversary to my husband, I will be making this bundle for just $1!  Grab it now and let me know what you think.

Drop by my TpT store to see what else I have or follow me and stay updated on my newest products!

Wanted to give a BIG shout out to such a sweet bloggy gal Meet Miss Parker who sent me this awesome bag!  I won it at one of her giveaways recently.

She wrote such a sweet card too.  This is really suppose to be a beach bag but it's totally going to be my new teacher bag.  Seriously it's so darn cute and big! I can fit all my teaching stuff here instead of always stuffing it in my real purse.

Thanks Miss Parker!


There will be a BONUS sale this Wednesday!  Another SALE.  Woot Woot!  Gives me time to last grab minute things I forgot about last time.  

My entire store will be 20% off JUST for that day.  If you enter BOOST   at checkout you will get an extra 10% for a total of 28% in savings.  UMM Sweet Deal!

Happy Shopping!

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

First Grade Dolch Words Packet Plus a HUGE Salee!

Happy Sunday!

Ahhhh finally got to finish my.  I have been working on this since April and with all my wedding craziness just didn't have time.

So excited to share this with you all.  I plan on doing the bundles for K 2nd and 3rd grade in the future. Had to do the first packet for my firsties!  This packet is just like my Sassy Sight Words.  It's perfect for center work, buddy work, early finishers and homework.  I did this last year with my little ones and the students I tutored always asked for it.  It was fun to see them enjoy it so much.

Here are some snap shots of what's inside!

If you notice there is not cutting involved.  I wanted to make this clean and organized.  I know when my students cut, most of them do a great job but you always have some students who are losing letters or important parts to make their classwork complete.  So I figured it would be easier for my little ones to manage and less of me picking up!

All these mats have the same format:
color, write, rainbow write, how many syllables, word search and write & draw!
These are all fun short activities for the firsties to use when being introduced or reviewing  a sight word.

You can grab this bundle over at my TpT !
If you do grab it let me know what you think.


Okay… are you ready for some fabulous news?!?!?  There is a BACK TO SCHOOL SALE!!  
Woot Woot!
This sale will be starting tomorrow.  My whole TpT Shop will be up on sale just in time for the new year!

*If you enter code BTS14 when you checkout, you will get an addition 10% off with a total of 28% off your entire purchase.  Love this sale the most.  It's when I grab everything I know I will need to have me all organized and set for the new year!

Not sure what to stock up on?

I can't wait for the sale.  I am stocking up my cart as we speak.

Happy Shopping

Don't forget the BTS14 code at the end to save extra. =) 

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Wedding Party!

AHHH!  My wedding has come and passed like nobody's business.  And although I am terribly sad the party and planning is all over, I am happy to move in with my honey and start our lives together.  We don't go on our honeymoon until Aug 6th, so I have time to share some wedding pics with all of you!!

My daddy and me!

Right after we got married at the church!!

 I wanted to try and get a close up of the flowers.  I wasn't really feeling spending 3000 on flowers on bridesmaids and centerpieces, so i went with SILK flowers. Could you believe that!  They looked so real and no one still has a clue!  Ugh they were so so beautiful!  I got these amazing silk flowers from My Wedding Design.  She did such a beautiful job.

My mommy and brothers!!


These are my maids and bridesmaids up top!  They literally did everything for me.  I would have gone crazy without their help.  

My honey and I ordered  a red carpet so our guests can take pics as they walk in to the cocktail hour.  This is our bridal party mine my little bro who went missing. The background says Ronnie & Michelle

My honey and I on our first dance. =) 

ALL my centerpieces, card boxes, decorations were all done by me…and maybe some Etsy!  My theme was vintage which I'm obsessed with.  I hope my guests got the vintage vibe.

We have the place cards on the left,  "Meet the Men" and "Meet the Maids" and the cutest alternative guest book you can find!  

I got these cute pens for signing from Snooty Bride
Aren't they the cutest thing?

These are from 

This is a substitute for a traditional guest book.  I thought this would be nice to hang  u after the wedding.  Got this cute idea from Rachel Walter over at Etsy

These centerpieces were created by me!  I saw a combo of this kind somewhere on pinterest and decided to make it my own.  I bought books at the salvation army for $1 each.  I took the covers off the books and long and behold the books had such pretty pastel colors!  That became my centerpiece.  I had co worker donate used wine bottles.  Took the labels off ( rinse in warm water for an hour and they easily rub off) and spray painted white.  The pearls i was able to order from Pandora Shack from Etsy.  The roman numeral numbers came from Decocards.  The flowers are silk and birdcages are from Michaels.  I want to say my centerpieces were about $30 each. I think they came out so pretty and vintage.  What do you think? 

This is "Where We Came From" table.  I gather pics from all my parents family in the past as well as my in laws.  It was a nice dedication to our families.  They LOVED this part!  Everyone was coming up to us saying they loved the idea.

This is my card box!  I made this all my self and loved it too!

If you noticed, I have banners for our table and the card box.  This was done by a good pal of mine over at Stacy Lavelle Designs.  She was quick and it just gave it that special touch it needed to make it more special.

My honey at the end of the night taking me through the threshold

Now you feel like you were at the wedding huh?  

Well I know I'm going to be missing planning my wedding bc it was such a good time coming up with my own ideas and bringing them to life.  So after some thinking, I decided to open up my own Etsy Shop!  All ideas will be created by me and I am so excited to get started.  

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Blog Makeover N Giveaway!

Hey all!  I have been out of the loop!  And I solo miss blogging.  I have been going nutty trying to plan our wedding (in 2 weeks ahhhhh) and buying our house!  There is no time in the day.  But being that I felt like I was neglecting my blog so much,  I thought I'd treat it with a bloggy makeover!  I can't believe how quick it was and just how amazing it is.  I was involved in every aspect of it.  I gave my favorite patterns, fonts and colors…. and VOILA!  All done!  A sweet bloggy gal, Courtney from Blogs Fit for a Queen created this for me.  She included everything I wanted and seriously great price.  I couldn't be more pleased and excited!

With my new makeover,  I thought why not keep celebrating with a GIVEAWAY!

  I haven't done one in so long.  I reached my 2 year on my sweet blog just last month and I recently reached over 1000 followers.  What a better to celebrate than to give stuff away!  

Now what to give away?!?!  I'm going to try to giveaway things that have somehow made it into my wedding one way or another.

Okie so let's start with my latest favorite store!

$15 gift e-card to Sephora.  
I bought my bridesmaids a whole bunch of goodies from there.  Makeup bags with nail files, gloss, polish and other sweet things!

Also I teamed up with a sweet artist who has helped me with creating somethings for my wedding that could easily be transformed into a classroom idea!

Stacy the creator of Stacy Lavelle Designs is giving away a teacher banner!

She created one similar to this for my wedding table

She used my wedding colors instead… white & purple!

She also created one this for my vintage card box

Seriously it came out so darn cute!!  

Stacy is willing to give one away to a lucky winner.  She will do the color your want.  Will look great hanging from your desk!  It will surely be a cute theme and be a great entrance when students walk in!

That's not all!  She is offering a discount if you grab anything over at her     Etsy Shop.

To finish it off, I am offering the lucky winner anything they want over at my TpT Shop!!

Now that you got all the details, who wants to win some goodies??

Follow the rafflecopter below!  Winners will be announced Thursday.  Good Luck!!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wordless Wednesday- Purple Heart Confetti!

Hey all!  Linking up today with Second Grade Sugar and Spice for Wordless Wednesdays

I am running around trying to finish everything on my to do list for the wedding in over a month.  So today in class i worked on my confetti hearts!  I bought 2 heart punchers in different sizes and had my bridesmaids help.  I'm putting them in glassine envelopes and will attach to the programs.  After the wedding when we come out of the church, everyone will throw this kindly at us!  I love purple and thought doing different shades could come out really nice in pictures!  What do you think?

Link up!!