Sunday, September 27, 2015

Classroom Reveal-Finally!

Classroom Reveal!!
Ahhh!  So better late than never right?  I have yet to post my classroom pictures.  It has taken me awhile to make changes to the class and get used to what I see everyday.  If I didn't like something, I would change it and move it around.  Soo without further a dew… here it is!

This is my favorite part of the room.  My desk area.  I love it because it's full of bright colors and visuals for the students to be aware of .  I love the quotes posters I have all over my room.  The students are filled with guidance and rules and they don't even know it. =) I have the rules behind my desk because there are many times a year where I have the students sit in the reading corner (pics below) and we just sit and talk about the rules of the classroom and why it's important to follow them.  It's only necessary to have the clip chart next to the rules so the students are reminded of what they are expected to follow in the room and school.   I got this awesome clip chart from
Learning in Wonderland. It's the perfect color.   

Next is my reading corner!

This is another one of my fave's!  I changed the rug this year. Added bright purple crates (my favorite colors) and fun, cute and cozy pillows.  Can you tell my favorite colors are pink and purple? LOL I am seriously all about the brights this year.  Bright colors are what you see walking in my room.

My phone has recently deleted all my apps.  So my pictures look kind of dull and not bright.  But this is how my room looks from one angle.  I think it's perfect the way I used the same borders for each section.  Saved me tons of time of thinking which border goes best where.  
I love the colors and the way it turned out.

There are where my center backers go.  I am able to fit so much. I usually fit another pencil basket in there along with dry erase markers and crayons.  Everything fits so perfect.  These baskets are so useful. I even have another set by my side and put daily work in them.  You can see them here.

 These are how I use my other baskets for my side of the room.  Every Thursday I print out all the work I need for the following week.  I organize/separate them into different categories: centers, tests, lal and math.  They go into these baskets and I pull them when I need them.  It's been working for me for years now and I love the way it looks. =) Have you noticed I have a title for each bulletin?  I love these.  I grabbed these last year from The Animated Teacher.  They are editable so you can make whatever you want.  I laminated them and reused them again this year.  Love the bright colors.  Goes great in my room.

Again… sorry for the dullness in picture!  I really need a good app to brighten these pics.  Jeez!
Anywho as you can see the other side of my bulletin and baskets.  

Another round of baskets.  I plan on putting center things in them.  Like markers!! 

I have so many markers.  It makes me so happy.  We run through these like water.  I was able to put these on my supply list this year and so happy I did.  Everyone brought them in!!

My objectives boar is very important to me.  It's mostly for me and administration, but they love coming in here and checking it out to see what we are up to for the week.  It's bright and is right to the point.  Very easy to understand which is my kind of thing! It doesn't hurt that the colors are cute either.  This set of objectives was a combo from Crockett's Classroom and Learning in Wonderland

Now for my board on the other side of my room,  I have fabric!  It's the same fabric as last year.  No bubbles or looking funky towards the end of the year.  It last amazing and as you can see I'm using it again this year.  On this side of the room, I am using black bulletin board paper.  Well I ran out of fabric paper last year and then got lazy to go back and get some more.  So for now we have black.  And I don't mind it.  I love the crisp look it leaves.  With the bright colors, it makes it stand out more and just so much more inviting!

Finally, this is my aide's desk.  Some people think she's the teacher when they come in b/c her desk is so much bigger and nicer than mine! LOL I like to jazz up her desk as well with fun quote's posters I got home.  The book bins are one of my newest additions to the classroom this year.  I got them from Really Good Stuff.  They have a new selection filled with tons of bright colored things.  

Phew!  Thank goodness that's done.  I've been working on some things lately and excited to have them out soon!!

Happy Sunday.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Staying Busy in October!

October is my absolute favorite month by far. I love the weather, food, and just the leaves falling from the trees.  It's a great time of the year.  However, I feel like I never have enough things or fun activities to do with my little ones during this month.  The month flies by and I'm left with just a few rink dink printables for my class.  So I created this cute pack that I know my little ones will love.  I think it'll be just perfect for centers.

I really think the printables are full of fun.  

I introduce/review rhyming words with my little ones around September/October.  I think this would be a fun center to toss in and have students practice.  It will keep them on their toes as there are many parts to this worksheet. 

Labeling is always one of those things for me that the kids can never get enough of.  It's another practice guide to review materials they may have not mastered yet.  What better way than to have a fun printable like this one.  

I love when my students read.  I love it even more when they can retell me parts of the story in their own words.  I created this just for that reason.  I think this will go perfect on Thursdays when my students have to read the story of the week.  They can complete this after reading.  I also think you can toss this in your buddy reading center and have students do this after reading the story together.  

We spent a month or so at the beginning of the year reviewing word families.  Sometime there will be students who struggle with them, so this is just another way to reinforce the word families skills and to keep practicing.  It's hard for them to master skills right away, but with fun printables like this, it makes it a bit easier to understand.

Love these for my math centers.  This could take my little ones the entire center.  It will keep them busy for sure.  I even think this would be great for morning work.  As soon as they come through the door in the morning, they could get their minds going with one of these math printables.  I think they would really enjoy it!

I even had the chance to include a cute writing craft!

There are so many more exciting printables in this pack.  I am excited to print and get started once October hits.  I am set for the month and I know my students will be reviewing some important skills.

This set includes:
* going nutty - color coding sounds
* fact families
*abc order
*word search
* carve a pumpkin
*how many syllables?
*halloween writing prompt
*making connections
*roll and cover with halloween characters
*rhyme time
*sentence mix up
*retelling prompt
*let's go in order (math)
*roll and order
*match that number
*pumpkin craft/writing prompt/stencils/directions

You can check out more on this product by clicking here!  Please make sure to download the preview.  It has a much better view on what's inside!

If you grab this and love it,  stay tuned.  I plan on coming out with monthly sets. Perfect to match each monthly theme. =)


s all sorted it out. PHEW!  I will be posting pics on my class finally this week.  Stay tuned!

Happy Sunday!

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Teach Me - Nouns and Verbs!

Ahh is it Sunday?  It is!!  Football Sunday.  Which means it's almost FALL, my favorite season ever.  I love to go apple picking, be lazy and love the cute clothes I have for the fall.  Fall is probably the only season that I love to bake... anything!  I'm obsessed with anything pumpkin and fall is the perfect time to have all that. =)

Now that school has started,  I have been busy creating things that I know my little ones will love and understand.  I have been working on some kid friendly packs and am excited to share this one with all of you. =)

I created this combo pack in hopes that my sweeties have more fun learning and understanding the concept, rather than completing worksheets in a workbook that's not really fun to do.

Usually my students struggle a bit at the beginning with the nouns.  With these kid friendly printables, I hope to make the learning on nouns a tad bit easier for them.  Here's some behind the scenes look at what's inside the pack

I love the idea of the kids doing some work and then trying it on their own, so this pack has a bit of that.  This would be great for homework or morning work to start the day.

Have I mentioned that I love printables that work on more than just one skill.  Here the kids are finding the nouns and coming up with their own sentence to describe the noun.  I know my kids will love this. 

I would totally use this worksheet as a test.  This way the students are giving me direct examples on each specific noun and letting me know they understand the skill.  

Here the kids are identifying the picture as a noun or verb.  They even get a little help for spelling from the word bank.  This would avoid all the hand raises, "How do you spell that?".  I think this printable will definitely be a hit.  I'm thinking for morning work. =)

This is just a fun handout.  Just another great way to introduce/review the skills of nouns & verbs.  Worksheets like this make learning fun and not boring.  

For one of my packs a few months ago, I came up with making connections with stories like the one above.  My students loved it so much that I like to incorporate some pages with each new pack I make. I think it's important for students to multi task and this is the perfect example of it.  Just when they think they are done, there's more for them to do.  I also like to use the name Ron in my stories.  It's my hubby's name and it makes me giggle 
when I read it. 

To see more on this combo pack, click here

What I did for this pack was include individual noun printables, individual verb printables and then finally a combo of both together.  Does that make sense?  
I hope so. =)

Sometimes I'll have my students do work on something like present tense verbs and the worksheet they are working on will have present and past tense.  And I'm like, "ughhh hey, we didn't go over past tense yet!!!"  So I can't do the worksheet with them.  So I tried to be aware of not doing that 
in this pack either.

This combo pack includes:

This pack includes:
*posters/lists of examples for classroom
*You Name It (fill in with verbs/nouns)
*ABC Order
*Read, Write and Highlight
*Roll & Write
*What's Your Favorite?
* What's Your Favorite? (find and identify)
*Apple Treats (find and identify)
*Which is It?
*Word Search
*Find & Color
*What's in the Picture?
* Read & Draw

This set pairs well with my 

Stay tuned!  In a few days, I will finally be posting pics of my classroom!  Ahhh!  Being fashionably late never goes out of style! 

Happy Sunday!

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Teach Me! Adjectives

So this is a tough day for me.  This is my last Sunday before my hubby and I go back to work.  Where did the summer go?  Why did it go by so fast?  Will I have a sweet little class this year?  All these questions are running through my head and I am not happy about summer being over.  I get like this every year around this time, but all those feelings go away on the first day of school when I see those cute little faces.  

I recently posted about my Teach Me Compounds set.  I really think my little ones will enjoy it, especially with all the fun activities and cut & paste games.  I decided to come up with another set.

My students love adjectives.  They like to be silly every year and come up with very very funny adjectives to make sentences: A skinny pig smells like black flowers.  Things like that.  It's fun for them to be silly and understand the concept in their own funny ways.  

This pack has a whole lot of fun activities and printables for your little ones to do and enjoy.
Like many of my packs, this can be done independently, buddy work, centers, homework & even for early finishers.  It's the perfect way to reinforce those skills your students might struggle with.

I always see product previews look great.  I can never make mine look like that.  So this was my best shot. LOL

My students love these making connections printables.  It works on so many skills and they have a blast while doing it.  Here they will be reading, highlighting, finding adjectives and then writing.  These stories are cute and very kid friendly. 

I am loving this cute activity.  Students will read the sentence and color the picture according to the color adjectives given.  Then they have to create their own using number adjectives at the bottom.  Love it. 

I don't know about you, but my students love to sort. These activities work on that and so much more. 

Activities like this make learning so much fun.  I know my sweeties will enjoy these printables because it involves coloring.  They will do anything with coloring. =) 

Why wait?  Grab this set now and be prepared for adjectives.  Your class will enjoy all the fun printables and variety.  

To see more on this set, click here.  Don't forget to click to see a preview!

This pack includes:
*posters/list of examples for classroom
*name that adjective
*abc adjectives
*making connections using adjectives
*whats your favorite?
*word mix up
*word search
*compound word buddies
*find and highlight 
*cut and paste adjectives
*warm up adjectives
*scooping up adjectives
*roll that adjective
*colored characters

and much more!

I am off to print these off and get them ready for school. But not before I do some shopping online.

Happy Sunday!

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Teach Me! Compounds

Phew!  Finished just in time.  I have been working on this for quite a bit and so happy with the way it turned out.  Every year when it's time to learn compound words, I do the same thing every year.  I see that I need to go over compounds and think, "Oh this is easy. My students will SO get this."  WRONG!  I teach it over and over again and they are so confused.  They come up with words like sunback  or doorfoot after hearing examples such sunglasses or football.  They really just say anything that comes to mind.  So I made this oh so cute set that could help and assist them in mastering the skill.  

The printables here are so unique and different than some of my other sets.  I had to really think about what different activities my students would really enjoy and would help them understand what compound words are.  

These jam packed worksheets can be used for so many different things: homework, buddy work, centers, independent work, early finishers and ever assessments.  Any way would work.  Practice here is key and there are so many different printables.  Your students will not get bored!

These handouts are so fun.  I love that the kids will be working on a bunch of other skills aside from just compound words.  They will also be working on their reading, writing and sorting skills.  

I did have to include some of my students favorite worksheets.  These I know they will love and simple enough for them to do on their own from seeing the same kind of worksheets from other packs of mine.

This pack includes:
*posters/list of examples for classroom
*name that compound
*abc order using compound words
*making connections using compound words
*sorting compound words
*spin that compound word
*whats your favorite?
*compound word mix up
*word search
*compound word buddies
*find and highlight 
*cut and paste compound words
*cloudy compounds
*riddle me this
*roll that compound word
*mix and match compound words

and more!

To see more on this pack, click here.

In other happy news… look what has finally arrived.

My book bins from Really Good Stuff.  I am obsessed with neon colors.  Drop by and see what else they have in store. 


Stay tuned on Wednesday for another TpT Sale!

Everything in my Store will be 20% off.  Make sure to grab what you need and be all set for the new year.  Happy shopping!!

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