Thursday, July 2, 2015

Parts of Speech {posters and printables}

Sooooo, I am back from a long break.  This year took everything out of me and I'm well …super happy the year is finally over.  I can pull myself together and keep it moving!  I have been working on this cute packet for a while  but finally got a chance to finish it this week.  I am so happy I did because I love it.  It's full of bright neons, my favorite, and cute printables to go with it.  

Every year, I  teach my little ones the different parts of speech.  However, I do not have great visuals to get their attention. I don't even have printables that are hands on or even exciting for them to complete.  So I came up with this cute pack!

This set has all you need to introduce/review the parts of speech skills to your little babies.  The bright posters will grab their attention while the printables will keep them going and learning. 

Each poster comes with it's own lists of examples.  This way the students have something to reference too when learning about each part of speech.

I have added some cute and fun printables for your little ones and my littles ones to enjoy!

It is loaded with fun learning for your kiddies.  Toss the printables in a center, homework or for those quick finishers.  

I even added a cheat sheet for my students to put in their folders and use as a reference.

The parts of speech include: nouns, verbs, adverbs, pronouns, adjectives, 
articles, prepositions, interjections and conjunctions.

Your little ones will love all these printables. They are very hands on and fun to work on.  

To see this set, click here to take you there!

This pack includes:

*parts of speech posters in bright neon colors

*parts of speech lists with examples in bright neon colors

*cheat sheets for students to keep in their folder as a reference

*highlight and sort parts of speech

*cut and paste parts of speech

*read/highlight/write/draw parts of speech

*labeling parts of speech

*sorting parts of speech

*name that interjection

*name that conjunction

*find the correct part of speech

and more fun printables!

Stay tuned for more sets like this including:
Parts of a Sentence {posters and printables}
Parts of Punctuation {posters and printables}
Parts of a Letter {posters and printables}

I'm off to vegetate the rest of the day. =)

Happy 4th!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mom, You are Bee-Utiful!

Phew!  I finished. I have been trying to get this done by end of the week.  Mother's Day is around the corner and I was going back and forth on what to do with my little ones.  Then I came up with this cute little pack.

This cute little set is perfect just for Mother's Day. A cute Bee craft will go great with writing prompts special just for your kiddies mom's. The cute little bee holds a heart that says

"Dear Mom, You Are Bee-utiful". Grab this cute little pack now and be all set for mother's day!

Here's a few snippets

I love this one.  It's so cute and I feel like the kids could really have fun with the fill in's.  I predict this being really funny with my little ones trying to figure out mom's age!

I have a few of these for my little ones to pick out the perfect letter for mom.  So cute and perfect for them. =)

A close up of my sweet little bee.  In the heart it says, "Dear Mom, You Are Bee-Utiful!"

I think this could be totally sweet for my student's to fill out.  Gives them a chance to think about what their mom's can do.  

This set includes:

-2 letters to mom (primary lines)
-my mom can has is
-write and draw about mom
-about my mom
-my mom is bee-utiful full page/half page/primary lines

click here to check out more on this set!

Happy Hump Day!

38 days till summer…woo hoo!

This pack will be half off until tonight in honor of summer getting here asap…i hope.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Simple Story Telling-{somebody wanted but so then}

Happy Sunday!  What a busy week!  It was my birthday this week. So I have been pretty much celebrating all week long. =)

I have created a sweet pack that I know my little ones will love and I hope you do too!

This set is loaded with posters, graphic organizers, bookmarks, anchor charts and more!

Here's a close up!

There are 5 "Find It" printables.  The students have to find the s*w*b*s*t skills in the story and highlight it using the color code.  Then they have to write about their findings.  This is perfect during center time, buddy work or for those fast finishers.  There's a lot of parts to it so it will definitely keep them working for a while!

This is a fun game that comes in black and white and color for variety.  Perfect for buddy reading during center time.  Have students read and then have them spin the wheel using a paper clip to figure out the s*w*b*s*t* strategy. Laminate it and use it over and over again.
 I am hoping my little ones will love it. 

Another version of the somebody-wanted-but-so-then skill.  Great for summarizing the story after a read.  Toss in a center and it's all set!  Easy Peasy!

These posters or anchor charts can be hung up around the classroom, or in center bins or folders for a reference or guide.  It's so bright and colorful your little ones will love looking at them. Great visual.

I love when my little ones write about stories we just read.  This is a great way for them to summarize a story right after reading. 

There are 7 "Solve It" printables.  Have students read this on their own and fill using the s*w*b*s*t strategy.  The store are fun and entertaining.

This pack is full of posters, writing, reading prompts, graphic organizers and much more. Your students are sure to love. Very useful resources that can be used in a variety ways.

This set includes

*somebody-wanted-but-so-then posters color and black &white
*bookmarks-color and black & white
spin that wheel-color and black & white (center game)
*graphic organizers
*write and draw (identifying parts of the story
*7 solve it printables (students read a story and write the s-w-b-s-t skill)
*5 find it printables (read a story and using a color code highlight the s-w-b-s-t- facts in the story)

Click here to check out more on this set or drop by my shop to see what else is in there. =) 

Off to finish off laying in bed. =)
Happy Sunday! 

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

All About Hygiene {health pack}

So it's Sunday, and I've been in bed all day and am loving it. LOL Before I nap away the day, I wanted to give you all a look at my new pack

As you know, the last few weeks I have been working on my health packs.  I just know my little ones will love learning about each pack.  This set is a combo of hygiene and dental hygiene.  It's so important to know about both so why not combine them!  These printables are all similar to my other health packs, so your little ones know exactly what do. =) Here's whats included:

I feel like I always need to add an ABC order printable to all my packs.  My kids love it and it always has them thinking!

I included one for hygiene and poor hygiene so my kiddies know what the difference is between the two.  This is great for centers or buddy work.  

These cute info cards, give the students a little info on the importance of each.  Just another way to review the importance of hygiene!

This is seriously my students favorite during center time.  They love that there are so many different things to do.  It keeps them guessing and it's always fun to read!

I love this.  It's like labeling with a twist.  

My little ones love to draw.  So I came up with this to see what they have learned from dental hygiene and put their knowledge and good drawings to good use!  Lucky for them I added another version of this for not so good things for their teeth.

This pack is perfect for teaching your little ones all about hygiene including dental! It's necessary to teach your students that it's important to be able take care of your teeth and body.  This is loaded with printables, centers, fun reads and much more, that teach your little ones to do just that. These activities are perfect for centers, morning work, homework or during free time. It's a great way to who your little ones the right way to wash, clean and take care of themselves.  

Grab this set now by clicking here or check out my TpT Store to see what else I have. =)  

Let your little ones know how and why to take care of their bodies and teeth

This pack includes:
*writing prompts
*hygiene fun facts
*hygiene and dental hygiene posters
*lists of ways to practice good hygiene
*abc order
*can have is (hygiene and poor hygiene)
*whats your favorite?
*reading comprehension (healthy and unhealthy stories)
*word search
*healthy mix up
*making lists
 and much more!

This unit also goes great with my other health packs:

Let me know what you think.  I hope your little ones love. =) 

Happy Sunday!

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

All About Emotions - Health Pack

So I am on a roll with my health packs!  I just finished my All About Emotions {health pack} just a bit ago!

I'm excited about this one, because my little ones have A LOT of feelings throughout the day.  They could be happy one minute and weeping the next.  This pack will show them that it's okay to have all those feelings but they need to be able to express them the write way. =)

I included something like this in all my health packs so far.  It's a list of emotions.  This way my little ones are aware of all the different kinds of feelings they can have.

I'm loving these info cards!  I included 12 info cards so my students can identify/understand each feeling and emotion.  It's easy enough for them to read and comprehend.

You can never go wrong with CAN, HAVE & ARE.  It's a must in my classroom.

I have been getting a lot of requests for these. My students enjoy them so much as a center.  They like to read, write and draw.  This is right up their alley!

One of my new additions.  I really think my kiddies will like this.  I added a bunch in this pack.  I'm hoping it's a hit for our writing center.

I'm hoping my sweeties love it.  There's a lot of fun printables in here that are similar to my Fruits & Veggies Pack and Exercsie Pack.

Click here to get more info on this sweet little pack

This set includes:
This pack includes:
*writing prompts
*info cards with pics and brief description on emotions & feelings
*emotion posters
*lists of emotions
*abc order
*can have are
*whats your favorite?
*reading comprehension (happy and unhappy stories)
*word search
*healthy mix up
*making lists
*compare and contrast (good feelings vs bad)
*angry girl" word center

I hope this pack can work for all of you in the classroom!

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

All About Exercise - Health Pack

So I have been really getting into this Health Pack.  A few weeks ago I introduced my All About Fruits and Veggies Set and now I want to show you my newest All About Exercise {health pack}.  This set is so darn cute and will be a great supplement when I introduce the important of exercise to my little ones sometime in May.  

This bundle is full with printables to explain the importance of exercising. These are kid friendly and can be used in a variety of ways: centers, morning work, homework, busy work…YOU name it!  I was even able to create a cute craft to go with the unit.  I think it would look so cute on my bulletin board right before school is out.  This set has similar printables to my fruits and veggies set but just geared towards exercising, sports and staying active.  Here's some snippets…

I don't know about you but I always like to assess my students on what they have learned from my Science and Social Studies lessons.  This pack has posters on what exercising is, examples and a review guide.  I like to send those home with my little ones letting them know they will be assessed on the materials taught.  

I got a lot of positive feedback from my Healthy Stories worksheet.  I decided to incorporate it into this packet as well.  It's great for my students to make connections and work on comprehension.

Love these printables…=)

My students love to sort.  So I tried to get that in there as much as possible.

I also included this cute craft you can put on a bulletin or a wire going across the room.  I think it will be a great eye catcher for sure.

There are so many more printables in this pack.  You just have to see!  To see more of this pack please click here

This pack includes:

*writing prompts
*exercise posters
*lists of exercises
*abc order
*can has is
*whats your favorite?
*reading comprehension (healthy and unhealthy stories)
*word search
*healthy mix up
*"sneaker head" sight word center

Let me know what you think.  I can't get wait to do with with my kiddos in the Spring time.

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