Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Staying Busy in March!

I'm a tad late but it's finally done!  My Staying Busy in March pack is complete.  It's full of cute and fun printables perfect for the month of March.  March is one of my favorite months because it means it's getting closer and closer to my birthday!  I know my little ones will love completing this during the month.  I've snapped a few of my favorite printables to show you what inside…

I've included some really fun writing prompts to get my little ones thinking.  My firsties are just starting to get really into writing and these printables will help encourage them to write about some cute topics!

My little ones also love my making connections sheets.  They love to find and highlight the answers.  Iv'e included a couple in this set

Some phonics lessons that matches our Wilson's program! My first graders have been learning about glued sounds, digraphs, trick words and all this other cool stuff.  They really love it.  I'm hoping they love these printables to match it.

and of course some math printables!

There's so many more cute worksheets your kids will truly love to do!  

This pack includes:
* long/short vowel sounds
*ABC order
*making connections (reading comprehension)
*parts of a story
*glued sounds
*roll a pot of gold
*how to catch a leprechaun
*how to catch a bunny
*various writing prompts (pertaining to the month of March)
*skipping numbers
*minute math
*roll and cover (adding 3 numbers)

Come check out what else is in this pack, click here to take you there.

What are you guys up to for St. Patty's Day?  

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Staying Busy In February!

EEEEK!  How is it February already?  Time is flying by and I am NOT complaining.  I forgot to let you all in on my latest pack!  Staying Busy in February.  I am not going to lie, these packs have been getting me through my centers this year.  I just print and place in their bins and it's all set.  The rules and directions are pretty easy to follow, even for first graders!  Take a look!

I included a handful of writing prompts in this set.  My little ones are now working more on their writing.  What better way to practice than with fun prompts.

I know my little ones will love writing about these cute prompts, perfect for Valentine's Day!

With Wilson's, we have been reviewing the suffix -s and the sounds it can make.  This is a cute practice printable that gets them thinking about what sound the suffix makes at the end of the word.  My little ones love to cut and paste so this is perfect for them!

Now for Math! 

How can I forget Math?  My sweeties have been learning a bunch of things lately.  Identifying big and little numbers is one of them along with tally marks and word problems.  This cute pack has those printables to reinforce those skills. 

My kids love to color code.  Identifying which number is big and little will definitely be a go to center for me.  Word problems is also a tricky skill to master.  I have included 2 "What's the Problem?" printables for the students for read and figure out what they need to do. 

This set is perfect for the month of February. It is filled with fun holiday themed math and literacy printables that can be used for centers, buddy work, early finishers and even homework. Grab this cute bundle now and be all set for the month of February. More months to come! Click here to take you there!

This pack includes:
* long/short vowel sounds
*ABC order
*making connections (reading comprehension)
*parts of a story
*finding the suffix
*various writing prompts (pertaining to the month of February)
*true/falso math facts
*word problems
*big or small
*roll and cover (double plus 1)
*spelling with math

Hope you enjoy it!  

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Staying Busy in January

YAY!  Happy New Year!  So excited to be starting a new year.  It's always fun to get some resolutions out there and seeing them through.  My goal is to travel more.  I love to travel and take vacations with my hubby once a year.  However I would like to add a vacation and a few small side trips.  I hope that could happen!

Now that we are almost back at school (womb womp),  I created my latest Staying Busy in January.  It's filled with lots of cute printables, writing prompts and more perfect for this month. I know I always use my other Staying Busy Packs for centers, homework, classwork and even early finishers.  It really is your choice.  My little ones love completing them.  Let's take a look at what's inside…

I include a printable like this in every pack.  It has so many things the students should be practicing on; reading, writing, making connections and creating.  They love love love this making connections worksheet.  I try to always make the stories silly for them.

Writing is so important in first grade.  This is when they start to put more than two sentences together.  So for this writing prompt, I like to give them a little push with some ideas they can write about in the word bank.  It's always fun to read what they wrote.

We are about to start learning the long vowel sounds, 
so a little practice with the short vowels couldn't hurt.

I like to give this printable on Thursdays before the little ones Reading Test on Friday's.  They are to read a story and then identify the parts of this story with this comprehension sheet.  It gets them thinking about what they just read and get to put it on paper.

I love adding math printables with what we are working on at the moment.  Here are some addition math facts but I have also included subtraction as well.  

Doubles for some reason, always give my little ones a hard time.  I plan on giving them this printable a few times a week so they get their double facts down.

Tens and ones are important around this time.  Anything for a little extra practice.  This is perfect for centers.

There is so much more included in this Staying Busy in January Set.  Please click here to take you there!

This pack includes:
*Warm Me Up {short u sounds}
*ABC Order
*Writing Prompts ( new years, MLK, goals & resolutions)
*Polar Bear Troubles -Making Connections { read, highlight & write }
*past/present tense verbs
*parts of a story

*addition facts
*subtraction facts
* tally marks
*double it up
*roll and cover
*tens and ones
*odds and evens

I'm so excited for the New Year and even more excited
 for this cute little pack for my little ones.

Today is my last day before work. 
 I will make sure I do NOT get out of my pajama unless I have too.  =)  Happy Sunday.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Staying Busy in December!

Ahh!  December is almost here.  My shopping is almost done and I am so relieved that I am not running around looking for gifts.  In between I have been creating my latest cutest pack! 

Staying Busy in December

I have included LAL/Math printables just like my other sets. 
 These are some of the fun sheets included.

These fun math printable can be used in so many ways.  That's why I love them.  I usually use them for centers.  That way I never have to look for things to have them work on.  This is all ready for them.  If not for centers you can do this for morning work, buddy work or even homework.  
Practice makes perfect!

We are currently working on digraphs and irregular plurals for Wilson's and Grammar.  So what better way to practice than with cute worksheets like this.  I love the winter clip art.  The kids have so much fun coloring them after they are done.

For Grammar the little ones are also reviewing inflectional endings and syllables.  This pack has it all to keep challenging your students and keep reviewing past skills until they have mastered them. 

I have also included a little bonus craft.  Have your students create this stocking and make it their own.  You can toss in a writing prompt or have them decorate it with glitter and pictures.  Have them make it their own.  They will love it.

This sweet pack will have you covered for everything in the month of December. All you need to do is print and place wherever you'd like wether it's homework, centers… you name it!  

This pack includes:
*Warm Me Up {short o sounds}
*ABC Order
*Writing Prompts
*Snowman Troubles -Making Connections { read, highlight & write }
*Possessive Nouns
*Inflectional Endings
*Irregular Pronouns

*Skipping Numbers
*Fact Familes
*Ordinal Numbers
*Minute Math
*Roll & Cover
*Mystery Math
*Ordering greatest to least & least to greatest

Click here to learn more and check out the preview. =)  

There's a special surprise coming soon.  Check back in later in the weekend. =)

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Out With the Old & In With the New - Part III

Hey all. So this 4 day weekend was simply amazing.  First time ever I got my Christmas shopping done this early.  I finished everyone!  Can you believe that?  Because I certainly can not.  Now I get to spend more time with my family and hubby during the holidays.  It's a win- win!  

Being in the holiday spirit so soon, I decided to update one of my favorites!  

I added some extra cuteness and some more fun printables.  I love updating my products.  I like to give it an extra touch it didn't have before.  Here are some printables inside this holiday pack

I know my little ones love Rudolph and learning about reindeer.  I tried to include some cute printables all about just that.  

I also included tons of writing printables and other worksheets that would be perfect for morning work, center, early finishers and even homework.  It's a fun way to get the little ones learning and excited about the holidays while working on many skills.  And a cute craft.  Who doesn't love that?

This pack includes:

-Stencils/directions for craft
-Writing prompts/half/full/black&w/primary/secondary
-Letters to Santa
-Making words
-Word search
-ABC order
- Word of the day
- Can, Have & Are
-Acrostic Poem

If you have this set already, re-download to get the new goodies added!

if you don't have this yet, click here to grab this pack.

If you are interested in just the stencils, click here to take you there!

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Staying Busy in November!

Ahh.  It's already the middle of October.  With paperwork, testing and deadlines I am missing my favorite month of the year. My next favorite is November, so if I miss a bit of October, I'll manage.   I've been working on my latest product.  A few weeks ago, I posted my Staying Busy in October pack. My students are LOVING it.  It comes in handy for centers, buddy work and even morning work.  If I don't finish the whole pack soon in class, I will start giving some out for homework.   I decided to keep it going and create it for each month.  This is my latest: Staying Busy in November

This is the perfect pack for the month.  It comes with cute printables that your little ones will truly enjoy.  Let's take a look at some of my faves…

We review short vowel sounds around November/December  This would be perfect for centers.  My students love coloring/identifying letters and letters sounds.

We introduce/review patterns, number bonds and skipping at the beginning of the year.  These are also a bit tricky at the beginning.  What a better way to practice/reinforce these skills with some fun printables.  Use these in the morning when they walk through the door and get those minds going for the day!

I love to toss in some extra fun printables to get them excited for the holidays.  My little ones always love to talk about themselves, what they like and what they already know.  So these printables are perfect for just that.  They are able to work on their reading, writing and opinions.  

My Students LOVED doing this last month.  I would put it in their folder every Thursday when they had to read the story of the week. They filled it out according to the story and then told me their favorite part.  They love telling me what they think.  It's great for comprehension and identifying parts of the story. =)  

I seriously love this pack.  It has everything we need to review our skills for the month.  It's fun, exciting and hopefully will get my students excited for the holidays.  Drop by my store  to see what else is in this pack.  Make sure to download the preview for a better look!  With literacy and math printables, this combo has you covered.  

This combo pack includes:
*Feed Me {ending sounds with short e and short i}
*Turkey Sort
*My Favorite's
*Turkey traditions {writing}
*Roll and Fill {short vowel sounds}
*ABC Order
*Thanksgiving Writing
*Turkey Trouble {reading and making connections}
*Turkey Talk {sentence mix up}
*Retell It
*Apples in Order! {sequence}
*Can Have Are
*I Am Thankful
* Tommy is Thankful {reading and making connections}

*Number Bonds
*Roll and Cover
*Roll a Turkey
*Skippity Do Dah {skipping by two's}
*What's the Pattern?
*See It and Write It {how many}
*Even or Odd?

Stay tuned for months ahead.  

I am resting and mentally preparing for the week ahead.  So I am off to lay down and relax and watch some football. =)

Happy Sunday!

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