Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Week of School and My Latest Craftivity!

Hey ladies!! ...have you missed me? I just noticed i haven't posted in a couple days and i only have one word : exhaustion!  I started school last week and to say i was exhausted, dehydrated, hot is an understatement!  Between going over rules, taking tours of school, doing evacuations and going over drills this girl is exhausted!!

My class seems great so far... they seem happy to learn and excited for school which is always a great start...of course i have some chatty cathy's but i think with a little help from me of course...that will soon go away =)  This is my first full week with them so wish me luck as i will pray tonight that it either rains tomorrow (so it stays cool) or its 60 degrees max! lol

anyway moving on i wanted to share my newest, fabulous, prettiest creation yet!! (lol i guess i really like this craftivity) My Christopher Columbus Packet !!

this packet really has all you want to explain to your kiddies why Columbus is so historic and why he's remembered today.  Columbus is just around the corner so make sure to grab one of these here at my TpT Store ....
this packet includes
-stencils/directions for Columbus craft
- writing prompts (full/half page, Black and White, primary and secondary)
-writing/drawing prompts
-listening quiz (or can be used as a worksheet)
-fun facts page (can be used as a study guide)
-true/false quiz for social studies grade (can be used as a worksheet)
-writing a letter to Columbus
-Spelling/Making new words
here are some sneak peeks at this adorable craftivity

 your kiddies will love this packet... there are great printables that can be used as worksheets or quizzes.  I dont know about you but i never have enough Social Studies grades.  With this packet i have 2 right in this packet.  If you don't want to use it as quizzes then no big deal use them as handouts!! This packet can be used in many different ways.....I do ask if you grab one..let me know what you think...iv'e been getting such sweet comments from everyone it's so flattering! So let me know how you feel about this one ladies.... okay im older brother is having a bbq today for his bday and as much as i want to stalk some blogs..i should probably head out there...but before i go...i wanted to remind you all of my September 11th Packet's this week and it's such a great way to get your kiddies to know what happened  over a decade ago..this packet is kid friendly so the kiddies don't get too scared or frightened.  There is even come crafts in there for the little ones!! I've had so many of you leave me warm comments about this packet and i'm so happy you enjoyed it !  If you haven't check it's here at my TpT Store

Want a copy of my Christopher Columbus Packet?  Leave me a comment saying you follow either my TpT Store (leave a comment) or my  (leave a comment)and i will do random generator tonight... the lucky winner will win a free copy of my newest Christopher Columbus Packet!! You have until 12 am tonight (eastern standard time) ...Ready...Set...Go !

The winner is Monica from Treasures for Teaching ...Congrats I will be emailing you =)

Also stay tuned this week...Im doing a giveaway for reaching 500 still in the process of getting it together but check back this week!! Have a great Sunday everyone


  1. Oh I LOVE this!! You have the cutest creations my friend!! I follow your store & pinterest!!! :)
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  2. Your Columbus packet looks incredible! Job well done!

    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  3. I of course follow both! Love the craft!
    GFC: Kelly Brown

  4. I love your blog and I'm a, store, pinterest... and would love to win;-)

  5. I LOOOVE that pack! I hope I win! I follow all!!


    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  6. I follow your blog! Would love to win!

  7. I follow your blog and store.

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