Sunday, February 24, 2013

Reading Comprehension Survival Kit!

I have been working on this center bundle since January!  I wanted it to be PERFECT so I took my sweet  time with it.  Originally I was always on the search for reading comprehension printables and thought I should just make my own to create exactly what I am looking for.  I am so glad I did because I can't wait to go back to school and use it on my kiddos.  I know it will definitely be a hit with them!

It's a bundle full of all the printables you need for improving reading comprehension skills.  You can rearrange the board as needed.  If you are learning certain reading skills for the week, you can post those up as a reference for the kiddies. 

This packet can be used in a variety of ways:
-independent work after reading a story
-buddy work
-whole group

The possibilities are endless!
There are tons of reading skills reviewed in this packet!  The best thing I love about this packet is that the printables are reusable.  They are interchangeable and can be used over and over again for stories.  It's a great way to keep your little one's attention and having fun at the same time.

There are printables for different skills that include:
-story elements
-comparing and contrasting
-author's purpose
-inferencing and predicting
-fact vs opinion
-fiction vs non fiction
-changing endings
-describing characters
-writing letters
-cause and effect
- the 5 w's (who, what, when,where and why)
-posters in color and b&w
-roll and read with recording sheets
-reading log

This KIT includes posters with important skills that students should master.  These poster's are in black and white and in color.  It's up to you how to use them.  I prefer them to be in the student's center folders.  They can use these folders as a reference when needed and doing center work with their peers.  The color posters can be used for the board as you interchange them for each week depending on the skills being taught or for reinforcing.

It's a great visual!  Here are some closer looks at the bundle:

If you want to get some more info on this packet or would like to grab this perfect reading comprehension bundle you can grab it HERE or go to my { TpT } store to check out what else I have!

I go back to school tomorrow!  I can't believe the week went by so fast.  I had so much to do that it flew by!

Now, I have to catch up with some reality tv!


How could I forget?

If you leave a comment saying you are a follower of my blog, TpT or my Pinterest you will be entered for a chance to win this KIT .  I will do random generator tonight at 12am.

Good Luck!

Congrats to Little Miss Organized Amy
Sending you the kit ASAP!


  1. Looks pretty sweet! It's always best to do something just the way you want it! Then you're pleased with how it works with the little sweets!

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