Saturday, April 20, 2013

Product Swap!!

So happy for this product swap!! 

( Kuddos to Michelle for this fab button )

I love these product swaps!  It's such a great way to find a new blogging bud and try out one of their awesome products.  It's so nice to brag and showcase someone's hard work!

Thanks to the lovely Jessica for setting up another awesome swap!  I was paired with an awesome blogging bud Val from All Students Can Shine !

I lovedddd her Roll and Read Sight Words Bundle!

My little ones really loved it.  I know my girls love any center that has to do with coloring and this was just up their alley!

Because we were out of white paper in the copy room this week, I printed the copies out in pink paper...go figure! 

My little ones see each center twice a week so I set up 2 different worksheets and dice for them.  

Grrr I wish you could see what the worksheet looks like in white.


So here is what some of the die looks like white.

The way you play this is so easy and so much fun!  

First: You have you student roll both die.
Next: Whatever color they land on is the color they must use to write.
Then:  They must sound out the sight word they rolled and write in down once using the color they rolled.
Last: The next player goes!

The student to finish all of their words, wins!

It gets more and more fun for the little ones when they choose words they have already filled out, so for them it gets "intense".

I just loved seeing them work together and read the words.

The good thing about this game it comes it Pre Primer and Primer so your higher level students can challenge themselves with the more difficult words. 

Here's one what group's mats looked like when they were done. 

When the group saw the center again during the week, I set up a different worksheet to keep it fresh!

My sweethearts had such a blast making this that I am going to make this the newest "Word Work Center".  

It was so easy to explain!

For my more advanced students, I will give them the "Roll and Read" from the Primer set.   Here's a shot of what that recording sheet and dice look like.

The recording sheet...

So you can interchange each depending on your group of little ones. It's definitely a great to introduce or review sight words!

If you want to grab this amazing packet click HERE  to take you to her TpT Shop or by clicking HERE to check out her blog and some of her other amazing ideas.

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