Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's Turkey Time... and Halloween Pics!

So we had Sandy last week and now we have a snow storm.  Womp Womp!  If this weather continues we will be teaching all the way until August!!
In the meantime I have had the cutest little crafts to keep me busy and hopefully you will enjoy them just as much!  So for this Thanksgiving I came up with an adorable little Packet that you can check out Here at my TpT Store. Here's a quick glimpse of it!


This packet has all the printables you need to have your kiddies busy for the holidays.  It can be used as center work or fun worksheets for free time. 
This packet includes:
3 crafts - w/directions
full/half page prompts black a nd white/ primary and secondary
handwriting worksheets
spelling worksheets
word search
drawing activities
listening quizzes (for social studies grade)
adjectives worksheet
When I posted this up a while ago, I got some sweet e-mails from Kindergarten teachers.  They loved the crafts but the worksheet would be too hard for their kiddos.  So I kindly came up with this packet for those Kindergarten teachers!
This is just the patterns to make that cute craft! 
This packet includes:
The stencils and directions for how to put these cute little crafts together. 
You can grab this Craft right Here !  If you do grab one, let me know what you think. Love your sweet comments! =)
**Warning** Completing this packet will make you hungry!! =)
Okay moving on!  Halloween was cancelled due to the storm last week.  I am sure the kiddies were devastated but not to worry! Halloween was celebrated today instead.  Yes! I said today November 7th!  It was a little weird dressing up today as I knew we were a week late but it was such a fun day!  My co-workers and I try to do a theme every year.  This year we did Pink Ladies!  I LOVED that my little ones called me "Pink Lady" all day.  It was too cute. =)
Yes I know I look fab in this pic. LoL

  We got so many compliments with out outfits, so we are already thinking of next years outfit! =) 
I shopped for goodies for my kiddies for Halloween and this is what they turned out to be. I tried to stuff them as much I could. =)
I can't remember who I got the toppers from.  If anyoone knows please tell me so I can give this person credit.  The tops were free and were so cute!  The kids were so happy when they got these.  I made myself a few extra just for when I am craving chocolate...which is always! =)  What did you all do for Halloween?
Okay!  You have made it to the bottom of this post...YaY!  Leave a comment below with your e-mail address letting me know you follow my TpT Store or my Pinterest and you can win your choice of the packet above!  I will pick a winner tomorrow.  Ready.....Set...Go..Go..Go!! =)

Congrats to Vicki from Tradition Laughter and Happily Ever After for winning my pack!  I will be e-mailing you shortly.


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  6. Ok, so you're super cute as always! Your Thanksgiving crafts are darling!!
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  7. I follow your TPT store and on Pinterest! The packet is too cute! Hope to win!

  8. I follow your TPT store! Lucky you, to extend your Halloween fun! (And seriously, why didn't they just make it for this Friday instead of a Wednesday? What's two extra days after a week?)

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  9. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your packets look adorable!

  10. I sure wish we could dress up for Halloween! Love the packets!

  11. We definitely rocked the costumes this year!!
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  12. You do look adorable in your "Pink Lady" attire! Love it. Your blog is super cute and you have a lot of great ideas. I can tell you are an outstanding teacher! How long have you been blogging?
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  13. It is turkey time and I need to squeeze it all in --- in just 4 more days! BTW you look so cute as a pink lady. :o) Have a great FRIDAY!!
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  14. YAY - I'm so happy I won. My email is :o)

  15. I just saw that crafivity -- I can't wait to do the reindeer with my class. :o)

  16. Love the "Pink Ladies" costume :) Hope your doing good and the kiddos aren't making you go too crazy :)

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  17. I found you through Teri@ Cupcake. I'm a new follower- love your reindeer craftivity. :)

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