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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Teaching Tip and Bridesmaids Brunch!

Hey all! Happy Tuesday. =)  I hope everyone who had off on Veteran's Day was able to relax and enjoy their time off.  I on the other hand was super busy with venues and planning for our wedding we had no time to rest!  We are narrowing down our choices and should be booking something soon....I hope!!
I saw this fabulous linky and thought I definitely need to join!  I am joining with Miss Kindergarten for her Teaching Tip!

For this linky we are suppose to share a great idea with all of you guys!  I thought let me show everyone how I set up and organize for the week.  I have organized files of different worksheets that pertain to the week.  For example if this week we are reading " Fun Kids Band"  I have a folder stuffed with printables for that week. This includes classwork and homework. It took me about 2 years to set up but needless to say it was well worth the time.   My aide makes copies of the printables needed for the kiddies..  Since they are soooooooo many worksheets for the week I put them in organized and labeled baskets.  This way I know where to find them when I need to pull them.  This is a better idea of what they look like.

They are labeled Math, LaL, Tests, Centers and Extra Work.  When I need Math worksheets I just go straight to the bin and get what I need.  I put all the tests for Friday in one bin and any extra work in the " Extra Work" bin.  This could be anything from crafts, printables or holiday packets.  Trust me, it is 100000% worth organizing your work so you don't drive yourself crazy looking for it. 
I usually post every Sunday.  Thats when I am refreshed from the weekend and have so many tips and crafts to show you guys.  This past Sunday however I took my best girlfriends to a brunch.  I got 6 free tickets to go to a brunch from when I visited their venue.  OMG this food was absolutely amazing!! So much food and sooooo darn delicious.  I served myself 3 plates !!  The reason why I took my girlfriends to a brunch was because I wanted to finally ask them to be my bridesmaids! It took me a while to ask them.  I didn't just want to ask them.  I wanted to do something special for them and let them know I appreciate them so much!  I got them treats and adorable little gifts.  I thought they would think I was cheesy but they all truly loved it.  They even sent me these pictures later with the treats I got them!  Take a look.
Isn't it just so cute.  I just lovee the way they came out.  Let me explain how I created these. 
First, I bought the photo boxes at Michael's.  They were $2 since I bought a few!  Next I went into the crafts/wood section and saw these adorable frames that said Friends and Celebrate.  I thought to get black and white because those are my colors for my wedding.  I got black and white frames, cute Paris bottle openers, notepads.  My favorite parts of the treat were the mini wine and flute.  It fit so perfectly with everything!  Finally, tucked at the bottom of the boxes were adorable lace tank tops with their title on the shirt.  I got them for a great price from The Little Bridal Shop from Etsy.  She was so nice and so quick! 
I was so thrilled that they accepted my offer!  This is a close up of one of the letters!

LoL!  I made it extra big for you guys to read!  Anywho...thanks for stopping by my page tonight!  I have been MIA but I will be picking it up this week with great ideas and fun crafts.  Stay tuned! 


  1. Oh I love that poem on your MOH's gift! Adorable!!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  2. Great idea! I'd love to know where your bins came from. Thanks!!

  3. I'm having a GiveAway.
    Please stop by.


  4. Love the gifts. I sent out letters to my ladies, but so wish I would have done something like this. Looks like a ton of fun. I hope you have fun planning Michele :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

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