Sunday, November 18, 2012

Let's Talk Turkey and My Sticky Secret!

Hey everyone!  Happy Sunday.  What a relaxing weekend it has been.  I went to a baby shower yesterday and ate myself to death!  LoL ...then I went out later that night for dessert with a girlfriend....go figure! I can never say no to sweets...or food for that matter! =)  I feel like I have been out of the loop for a bit because I am so busy trying to find my best venue for my wedding in 2014.  When I finally book it, I will be back to my usual routine of blogging and creating!
So recently I shared with you my latest Thanksgiving Packet.  Here is what it looks like after my kiddos created them! 

Aren't they adorable?  I think the kiddies had a blast making them.  They really have improved on their cutting skills since the beginning of the year which makes me feel warm inside. =)
If you want to grab these cute little guys along with a pilgrim girl and boy check them out HERE at my TpT Store. 
I wanted to share with you all my secret obsession.  Ever use sticky tack and they are hard to get off the board or letters or calendars?  Well this is what I use instead of that....
I use these for almost everything and I am still trying to come up with more ways to utilize it in the classroom.. Here is one way I use it ...
Yes this was taken in October...hehe.  If you look closely, I used stickki clips for all of them except the number 31.  I did that so you can compare them and see which one looks better.  I think using the stickki clips looks neater and more organized if that makes sense.  Look at that lonely number 31... It's screaming " I may fall off any second now" ....LoL.  
I also used my stikki clips when I created my Elections Craftivity
As you can see it's holding up everything on this board.  I love these cute little things!
You can check them out here at School Specialty.  They are almost always on sale so if you grab one get more for the future! 
Check back soon for hopegully a 600 follower giveaway and an adorable Snowman Freebie that will have your kids saying, "Your the best teacher ever"... That's what I heard at least!  =) Enjoy your Sunday!
Go Cowboys!



  1. I need those stikki!!! And your turkeys turned out adorbs!!! I wish I taught with you guys, I'm so jealous!!

  2. Those stikkis are what our school buys for us, but I can NEVER get them to work. I always get too frustrated try to get them to stay up. I have instead invested in some stick tack that goes on the back. Better for my sanity :) Loving those turkeys. They turned out great. Happy wedding venue hunting :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  3. I love stickies too. I even use them on my bulletin board (covered in fabric) to hold my essential questions up. They're great.
    Grade School Giggles