Friday, November 23, 2012

Great Organization Tips ...and a Sale Coming..Woot Woot!!

Hey everyone....Happy Late Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone enjoyed their times with their families and enjoyed their times laughing loving and sipping on some fine wine!! LoL  I had a delicious meal 2x!  I first spent it with my fiance and his family...watched some Cowboys and headed back to my house for a final meal! LoL...Talk about full...I won't be eating again for days..Lie..probably tomorrow morning.... Ha!

Okay so surprise ...since everyone has their own Black Friday.  I decided to throw my own as well.  It's called Cyber Monday!

( Special thanks to Michelle from The 3am Teacher for making this fabulous button!)

Everything in my TpT Store will be 20%.  If you enter the code CMT12 at checkout you will get a total of 28% off !  Talk about a great savings.  It's a great way to save and get excited about splurging a bit because guess what...your saving a lot!!
If you want to know some of my favorites you will love...keep reading this post and you will find out!  In the meantime let me share some tips and organization techniques that will save you from being a mess like I once was! 

I have been meaning to post this up for a while I just keep forgetting.  I want to expain this before I show you some fab pics!  My first year of teaching I was lost with my organization skills.  I didn't know where to file papers and how to put it together.  My 2nd year I saved all my worksheets and paperwork into manilla folders.  I would place the name of the story we were reading for the week in the tab and I figure this would be a great way to refer to my weekly stories for the following years to come. Done!  Towards the end of the year I saw this super organized file in Really Good Stuff .  It's a great way to put your files and papers in order and easily find what you need.  Here is what it looks like!

These are all my files.  It starts with the first story of the week and ends with the last story we read for the school year.  This is a better look at the folders...
As you can see the story of the week is labeled up top.  Look what's inside...
Here are some of the things I include inside each folder:
Homework sheets for the week.  I recycle the homework sheets because we have the same series so we have the same homework and skills we learn for each particular story.  I usually have a phonics review guide for the week along with phonics dittos, grammar review and ditto, spelling ,tests and classwork.
I can not begin to tell you how easy this has made my life.  I pull out a new folder every Thursday to make copies for the following week's story.    Then once I get all those copies, I easily seperate and place them in the bins (discussed in my previous post)
The Grammar, Spelling and Phonics classwork sheets goes in the LAL bin.  The tests goes in the assessments bin and any extra work we may have goes in the extra work bin.  It's so relieving to know I am more organized than my first year and things definitely run more smoothly since I have made these files! 
Wait...I am not finished!  I was so obsessed with how these files helped my life!!  I decided why stop there????  I bought another one from scholastics...activities for each month. Look...
  As you can see all the months are included in this file.  What is so cute about this is that in front of each file there are all these holidays that pertain to that month so you don't forget to celebrate! 

Isn't it adorable?  I hope you loved these organization tips as much as I do.  Trust me it will make your life easier if your kind of a messy girl like me!
Okay well back to this amazing sale.  I am throwing a huge sale on my TpT Store.  It's a Cyber Monday sale and ends Tuesday.  Everything in my TpT Store  is 20% off and if you include the code CMT12   you will get an extra discount!!  I have been adding things in my store so hopefully you all will take a quick second to check it out.  Some of my favorites are :
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This packet includes:
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-comprehenion printables
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Can Have Are
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Certificate of completion
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  1. Hey friend! Love the holiday folders, gotta get some of those guys! Your gingerbreads are adorable, super cute!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  2. I puffy heart love your new Gingerbread craftivity!! Super cute girl! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. Your ideas are so adorable; colorful stuff are always pleasing to the eyes. Doing so not only keeps everything in order, but also serves as a reminder of different occasions or holidays you can't afford to miss. Hope to see more of your wonderful ideas!

    -Ruby Badcoe @ WilliamsDataManagement