Thursday, December 19, 2013

Candy Cane Treats and Snowman Ornaments!

Where in the world have I been?  I feel like the week has been going super slow and yet I still have 100000000 things to do before the holidays.  I have put my Polar Bear Unit on a stop and been going crazy with school, wedding and gifts.  Soon it'll be all over.

Just to keep you updated on my week.  This is what's been going on in my class!

We had Grinch Day on Monday.  One of my besties read the story while I set up everyone's plate full of cookies and grinch juice.  They loved it!  The cookies were of course delicious and so was the juice.  

This is what I have been busy giving out all week!

Everyone keeps getting a kick out of it.  

Look what the little ones made for their parents!

Last year I did the same thing and the kiddies loved it.  I tried to add a bit of touch this year by adding some cute bows I had left over from a previous craft I had done with the class.

Here's the one I made for me!

I tried to make it fabulous like me. =) 

Now here's my gift to the kids this year!  I got this idea from Joy by the Bay.     It was so easy to make!  

I made them for my little ones.  It was just .50 to make for each kid!  I think thats quite a bargain!  Don't mind if I do.

Let me explain how to make them in no time! 

First you will need
*dark or light brown pipe cleaners (2.99)
*very small googley eyes (1.99)
*small red puffs (1.99)
* candy canes (1.09 each)
*glue gun

The candy canes will be the ears.  You take an entire pipe cleaner and wrap it around the center of the canes tightly.   

Then dab a bit of hot glue behind each eye and red puff and make the face and voila!  You have yourself a very inexpensive give to give to your little ones!

They turned out so cute.  

What did you make your little ones this year as a treat?  I'd love to see!

I hope that with break coming I can post this Polar Bear Unit that has been 85% done for weeks now!  


  1. You have the cutest ideas for student gifts and crafts! Hope you have a great break and slow down with all your craziness!


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