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Monday, December 23, 2013

Playful Polars with a Chilling Sale!

Happy Monday!  A few weeks, I posted about my Playful Penguins, and today I want to show you my Playful Polars!  

It's very similar to my Penguins just with a different craft.  

Heres the little guy up close!

Isn't he adorable?  I actually have had this bundle done forever but I just needed to finish the craft.  Talk about being a procrastinator!  

But I'm so glad it's finally complete. =)

Here are some peeks at what's in this bundle.

This printable can be used during free time, with groups or during centers.  I know my little nuggets will love it!

These are great printables to supplement during your artic unit!

I love the next few printables!  Such a cute way for the little ones to learn more about polar bears. 

This printable can be used during center time, homework or group work.  It's good practice for identifying fact and opinion and learning about polars all in one!  The little ones just have to cute, glue & paste the fact/opinion and place in the correct box.

In this bundle, you will find:
*full/half page prompts primary/secondary lines and b & w
*can, have & are
*name that polar bear fact (review guide)
*polar bear quiz (true/false)
*word of the day
*polar report 
*fact vs opinion
*roll a penguin
*write & draw

Come grab this now and be all set for your winter.  Click here to take you to check out more info on this little guy.  

*Since I have been beyond lazy and this took me a while to make, I will be putting it on sale for 50% off until Christmas Day.  Yes that's right!  It will be $1.75 for the next few days!

Now back to last minute shopping!  Ahh the stress.

Happy Holidays!


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