Thursday, December 5, 2013

You've Been Elf'd Freebie!

So I have been racking my brain on how to get my little ones to calm down a bit more.  They know the holidays are near and they are just full of energy.  

So I came up with this!


Earlier this week, our favorite elf came to visit.  The class decided on naming him "Bill" and he's been visiting us ever since.  I will say the class has been calmer since he has arrived but I need more serenity!  

Before I show you what I came up with, please take a look at how we found Bill today.

He was sleeping on a tissue box!  The kids loved it.  There was a note beside it that read, "Hey Ho boys and girls.  I was making you something and then I took a nap.  Please have your teacher finish it for me fast.  Happy Holidays!

And look what he left for them!

Of course I the elf didn't finish in time before the kids got to class this morning, so he left me to do his dirty work.  

So let me show you how to make this cute little freebie for your little ones.

You need 
*candy canes (1.99 @ Party City)
* pencils (24 for $3 @ Party City)
*hole puncher
*my holidays tags (free)

First you start cutting out the tags.
Next, place a hole puncher on the top left corner and then at the bottom right corner.

Now first I tried a hole puncher, but the hole was too small for the candy cane.  So I found myself making more than one hole to make it bigger.  That was fine, but I found that using this little guy was much less time consuming.  

Then I placed the end of the candy cane through the top left and slid it through the back and out the bottom right corner.  Does that make sense?  

If not look at this....

I hope this picture helps.  It's so easy to do and comes out so cute!!
I printed the tags with card stock to make it sturdier.

Here are what the  pencils and candy canes look like.  I think it's so festive and cute.  It's a great reward for this time of year. 


 I can't decide which one I like more.  I might have to say the candy canes just because I can eat it. LOL


Okay, moving on to another cute idea I am trying tomorrow. 
In the same freebie, I have also included a little thing I have decided to name "Elf'd"

Now when you catch the little ones being good or doing something extra nice this is the best time to reward them.  When they leave the class for gym or for a special, you drop of these little elf cards, to let them know that the elf was there visiting and noticed they did something special.

There are 2 versions of this kind.

Simply drop it off on the student's desk and read this note when they come back to the class.

I can't wait to do this tomorrow with my little ones.  I hope they love it!

Do you want to share in my excitement and do the same thing with your little nuggets?

You can grab this freebie by clicking here or going to my tpt store and seeing what else I have in there.

Please let me know what you think.  Love, love, love your feedback!

I am off!  We have a Winter Fest going on tonight in my town and I want to swing by!

Happy Thursday!

Stay tuned this Sunday for my long await Polar Bear Unit.  I have been neglecting it for a bit but it's almost complete! = )


  1. That is such a cute little gift! We are having an ESL Christmas party and I think I will do that as the favor!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  2. I love it! Our elf is making her appearance tomorrow & these will definitely be a special delivery :) Thank you!

  3. I love your festive candy cane idea! Elf madness begins on Monday for me, so I am excited to share your special gifts with my first graders! Thanks so much!

  4. This is so cute!! I'm definitely going to make some for my kids! Thanks. :)