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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Going Elf Crazy in the Classroom!

Hey everyone!  This December has been going by quick and can I say, my little ones have NEVEr behaved better.  Could it be due to the fact we have a little elf visitor named Bill checking up on them everyday?  Who knows.  But I could get use to this!  

I am linking up today with Mel D & Michelle on our classroom and home elf capades!  I've also been hashtagging #elfintheclassroom daily so everyone can check up and see what Bill our Elf is up too!

Here's what our elf Bill has been up to lately...

Just the other day, Bill was feeling political so he was just hanging out by the flag.  LOL it was fun to see him up there!  The kids got a kick out of it.  

Today, he was by our glitter sticks.  Such a funny story behind that.  I forgot to move the elf today.  I had so many meetings in the morning, I just simply forgot.  So when I walked the kids in today, I was like "OMG where's the elf!"  and phew I saw him here and noticed my aide moved him without me noticing!  I panicked!  LOL  Which leads me to this e-card that makes me giggle, everytime I see it!

This was sooooo me today!  

Now tomorrow he's going to be so tired from his busy week, this is where the kids will find him. 

He's going to be napping on my desk.  YES he does nap with his eyes opened.  How else will he see what's going on and deliver the news to Santa.


Last week, my baby grown up brother volunteered to play Santa at our school for a few days.  I knew he would't say no and I needed to laugh for a few days so thought it would be perfect.  The students would take pictures with him and then he would stop by the classes to make sure everyone was behaving.  Everyone loved him!!  This is him and I in front of my classroom door!

He's a skinny minny so he needed some stuffing for his tummy!  Isn't he the cutest. =)  

What's that?  You want to see my door a bit closer?

Last year I made this cute little door

I received so many compliments. So I knew this year, I had to go even bigger.  A coworker of mine gave me a fabulous idea about the gingerbread house and we worked together to make it.  I think it turned out awesome.  I get compliments daily!  I love it and so do the kids.  

Before I go, I wanted to show you what us coworkers are up to this holiday.  We started a secret santa a few years ago but each year our group keeps getting bigger.  We have 10 ppl this year and we  do 3 small gifts and 1 big gift at the end.  This is one of my small gifts I got last Friday.

My favorite chocolate covered pretzels and an ornament with my initial.  I just love it!  I can't wait for this weeks gift.  I love gifts. =) 

I'm off to my Christmas party now!  Happy Wednesday.

Don't forget to join the Elf Linky Party and show everyone what your elf has been up too!

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  1. Oh my goodness! That door is a work of art! I cannot get over how beautiful that is.

    Everyone deServes to Learn