Monday, May 14, 2012

Father's Day Craft and Activity Woo Hoo

Hey everyone!! I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and Mother’s Day!!  I can’t believe school is almost over… I have 27 days left…. Ahh!!!  I know there are a lot of other teachers that have less than a week!! Congrats to all of you!   I wanted to share with you all my Father's Day Booklet which includes an adorable craft and writing activities to go with it.  I know we just had Mother's Day but i couldn't resist.  These are way too cute and wanted to share =)  I couldn't fit all the kid's work on the bulletin board, so i posted them outside and boy did everyone love them!!  What do you think? 
This package includes
* letters to dad *
* acrostic poem *
* write it, draw it *
* crossword puzzle *
* using adjectives *
* dad's favorites *
* synonyms worksheet *
* father's day stencils *

Inside the tie, the kiddies wrote a cute little note to their dad!

How adorable are they?  The kids really had a blast making this!  They enjoyed writing letter's to their dad's and letting him know how much they appreciate him!
If you'd like to purchase one of these...please visit  my TpT Store
Also, i do ask if you do take a lil looksie at the packet please follow me!! I hope you enjoy this as much as my kiddies did!!


  1. Absolutely adorable!!

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  2. totally adorable!! love it!!

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