Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Organizing !!

Hey everyone I hope everyones having a great week..i  feel like mine is going so slownot sure why I find myself in the middle of the week done with everything and have to search for activities to do with the kiddies. Anywho today I wanted to organize some things around the class  great time to do it huh at the end of the year!) Anyways I bought bins a while ago and now Im putting them to use!! I have my gluesticks, pencils, markers, and more markers in their own bin!! They were once thrown in the same basket!! But I got it to look nice and organized!! What do you guys think?

 Im doing a giveaway soon as I reach 100 followers so keep an eye out for that =)   Have a great week!!


  1. Love those baskets! I have the same ones... under my desk, waiting to be used!!
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  2. Love seeing other teachers organization ideas ;)


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  3. I'm SO these pics just warm my heart! :)