Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Freebies!!

Hey guys!!! It's almost the weekend!! I wanted to give you some updates on things i have done this week in class... Earlier this week i was working on an estimation activity with my kiddies.. they had to estimate how many candies they thought were in jars i had displayed on a table... the student who got the exact amount got to keep whatever candy was in the jar.... boy did they love this....heres a pic of what the winners received...

Arent' they cute???

Another thing i have been working on the last couple of month's is an activity called "Wear a Word".  I saw this activity at a workshop and i thought it was an awesome idea... what it includes are high leveled words for first graders write on index cards.. i write the word in the front and the definition in the back... the selected students (i do one boy and one girl) wear these words around their neck for an entire day... i encourage them and the class to use the words in at least 3 sentences for the day... i get the words from the dictionary.... their words they can remember and pronounce.... it's so much fun... i think you all should try it once and see how it goes... here are some pics of how i do it..

I like the word on the right!! =)

Finally i want to give away another freebie!! yay!! They are mother's day coupons.. i remember when i was younger i used to give my mom coupons of things she could use like a coupon for free dish washing or free massage....i think your kiddies will enjoy this =)... i do ask if you download it... leave me a comment or try to let other's know about my page as well...i'd really appreciate it!!

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  1. adorable! thank you so much for sharing!
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  3. I love the idea of having the definition of the word on the back of it! I use word crowns for sight word practice/recognition, but I love the idea of including the definition for vocabulary use!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! I'm your newest follower as well! In terms of taking a screenshot of the computer, are you on Windows or Mac?

  4. thanks girls!! and ms jessica i am on windows ..maybe if you could walk me through it whenever you have a minute id totally appreciate it.. i was having trouble screen shooting the mother day coupon onto my post =(.. my email is let me know thanks girl

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    I love your word idea....I am definitely going to try that! :)


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