Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My First Freebie!!! YaYY

Hey guys!! okay so i thought it'd be totally fit if i enter my first freebie!! Let me explain this freebie first because i love it!! I've been doing this with my kiddies for a couple of years now and i think it makes such a difference.. my first few years my kiddies were struggling with their spelling and i did not know how to come up with a fun game to help them improve their scores.. i saw something online with a huge gumball and i made it my own.... and you could have yours today free!! The game i play is each students cuts and puts together their own gumball machine.. it goes on my bulletin board.. every friday the students have Spelling tests!! After i grade them, whoever has a perfect score will get a gumball glued to their machine... every week it continues until the end of the marking period.. the student at the end of the marking period with the most gumball wins!! They get to choose something from the treasure chest and are excused from homework for one day.. trust me ..they love not doing homework!  You have no idea how much they love this game.... the game makes them more confident and proud of themselves for working hard... and don't worry... everyone usually gets at least 1!! here are some pics to show what they look like

If you want a freebie... please click here for your free copy!! Don't forget to leave me feedback... i'd love to know what you guys think =)  Enjoy and have a fabulous night


  1. sounds like a great motivator…thanks for sharing this!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am your newest follower.Like you, I am new to the bloggy world.
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  3. Great idea, thanks for sharing. BTW cute blog, I am your newest follower.