Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Some ideas to share with you guys

hey guys!! i cant believe i already have close to 30 followers.. thats awesome thanks so much! I definitely am following you guys and it seems that everyone has great ideas to share!! I wanted to share an idea im doing this week with my kiddies... They behave so well for me and I thought i'd give them something sweet in return!!  They have been struggling a bit with estimating so i thought i'd make things interesting!! I'm having a estimate contest with them this week.  I filled up 3 jars with different candies...yummm... (choc pretzels, reese's pieces and starburst).. Everyone had a turn to take a look at the jars and *Guesstimate* hehe how many they think are in each.. They were to fill out a worksheet in which they put their numbers in and dropped it off in a jar.  The winner or the closest will get to keep what's in the jars!! The students got so excited when i told them... I hope this will make them get estimating more .. What do you guys think??? Here's a pic of the jars and the sweets! Also im putting down a pic of my stationary!! I wanted you guys to see how much i love leopard!! lol My student's say it looks weird but i think it looks fab!  ...let me know what you think =) Talk to you soon!


  1. mmmm starbusts! I wish I could Guesstimate!
    let's definitely be newbies together!! :)
    and for the record, I think your stationary is really cute!
    Miss Elementary

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  3. Your leopard gear is fun and fab and so is your blog design!

    Like you I am just officially launching my blog this week and I'm SO happy that Teri introduced you on her blog because I'm excited to follow someone who is also just getting started (Makes me feel like I'm not the only new kid in the classroom)If you have a moment please stop by :)


  4. ummm I say FAB! Love leopard too!!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  5. Super cute! We are "newbie blog buddies"!

  6. Welcome to blogging. I am fairly new at this also. I hope to hit 100 followers this week for a great giveaway. Your blog design is cute! Stop by and visit.
    Classroom Companion

  7. **GASP** I want those office supplies! I gave you a little shout out today. I don't have a ton of followers, but I figured us "newbies" need to stick together! Stop by and check it out :).

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  8. thanks girls!! its feel great to have newbie blogging buds =)

  9. Hey I think your ideas are so cute and love the leopard addiction... Let's be newbie blog buddies... I just recently started blogging as well... Come by and visit me.. I am your newest follower :). Kinderkiddies1.blogspot.com