Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Creation and Don't Forget about my Giveaway!!

Hey guys!! Hope everyone is having a great week…mine is going by quick considering the day off Monday and our field trip today!! We went to a zoo and it was so much fun… the kiddies had such a great time and you could tell they totally needed a day of just having fun and relaxing… so as of today we have 14 days left…yay!!!  So excited to work on my tan!!  Don’t forget to enter my giveaway…. It’s a 15$ giftcard to  Target.  I will announce the winner on Sunday… I did want to show you my new creation… last week I created this marker holder

I had gotten the idea from pinterest.  I had seen so many versions i wanted to make it my own...So i used BIG crayons to make it more sturdy and it is... This week, I wanted to do something similar for my teacher aide but I was running out of crayons so I used clothespins instead.  I really do think it came out great….what do you think? 

Don’t forget to check out my Father's Day Craftivity !! Before the school runs out, let the kiddies do something nice for their dad!! It’s such a cute craft !!


  1. I love your new creation!! That came out so awesome!! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Love the marker holder. I plan to make one with my daughter this summer for her supplies. Love your blog and would love for you to visit mine!

    Success in Second Grade

  3. How cute! Love it when things like that turn out! I bet those triangle crayons would look good too!

    Every New Beginning

  4. This is so cure, love it, glad I found your blog
    The Resource(ful) Room