Friday, May 11, 2012

Marshmallow Party!!

Hey guys.. yay the weekend is here and more importantly it’s Mommy’s Day weekend.. I’m excited to have a weekend where I can just relax and lay low..

First i did want to give a special thanks to Ms. Jessica for her awesome help with computer tips....I'm not that computer savvy and she was so helpful so thanks girl!!!
Next, I did want to share my crazy idea that worked with the kiddies this week.. I somehow bribed them to study !! The students usually do well on their Spelling tests each week mostly because they want a gumball added to their gumball machine. (see Gumball activity) However there are those students that just miss the 100 and get one wrong or two. I wanted them to desperately get a 100 ! So in my effort in doing so i sort of bribed them. LoL I told them if everyone in the class received a 100 they would get a surprise from me. I went home and made them something anyway. Take a look
I had a feeling they wouldn’t all get perfect scores but would make them something for trying their best anyway.  Besides, it’s not all about getting perfect scores.  Anywho the tests went and came and literally every student got a 100!! So it got me thinking…hmmm they all studied just for a surprise…. Interesting!!! Lol Anyway I was definitely proud of them and was able to give them what I promised them.  A delicious and yummy snack : Chocolate and vanilla covered marshmallow!! You have no clue how easy these were…
1. i bought melting chocolate and melted it in intervals of 30 seconds stirring in between
2. inserted a baking stick into the marshmallow and lightly dip and turn the stick so the marhsmallow is coated
3.  choose your toppings!!
I hope that was helpful and you should def try going to try using strawberries net time yumm... everyone have a great weekend and enjoy mommy's day =)


  1. that looks delicious!!!
    your kids are so lucky! :)

    Miss Elementary

  2. They were yummy! Probably going to make them for my littles next :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  3. They came out so cute and actually sound like something I could do! :) Thanks for sharing!


  4. Mmm looks wonderful! Thanks for following me! Now I am following you and it looks like I'm in for some wonderful ideas!

  5. First, Thank you for following me and I am sorry it took me so long to get over here and follow you back but I am glad I did because I am follower 100...Wahoo! =)

    I love the marshmallow party! We might need to do that next week! We are always talking about going down the hallway with our marshmallow feet and a marshmallow in our mouth...a perfect way to celebrate my quiet kiddos the last week of school! =)

    Heather's Heart